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“With the Tejas LEE, teachers can focus on helping students learn the reading and reading related concepts they need...”

Early identification of reading skills and comprehension development of young students is critical for planning and implementing a successful reading program. "El Inventario de Lectura en Español de Tejas" (Tejas LEE) is a valid and reliable assessment tool that measures student's reading, comprehension and reading related skills in Spanish. Designed for use with students in Kindergarten through third grade, the Tejas LEE helps teachers identify student's strengths and problem areas, monitor student progress over the course of the school year, and plan and deliver targeted instruction.

With the Tejas LEE, teachers can focus on helping students learn the reading and reading related concepts they need, so that all students can meet the goal of reading on grade level. The Tejas LEE provides valuable data educators can use to help students develop into proficient, lifelong readers.

The Tejas LEE Intervention Activities Guide provides further assistance to teachers in developing instructional plans and targeting instruction to specific skill development. The Activities Guide is aligned with the skill areas of the Tejas LEE, and activities of varying levels of difficulty are provided for each type of skill or group of skills.

Skills Assessed

The Tejas LEE allows teachers to assess a variety of Spanish reading and language skills at specific grade levels and time points. more ...

Assessment Schedule

The Tejas LEE is designed to be administered at specific time points during the school year. view schedule

Streamlined Assessment

The Tejas LEE was developed to maximize the acquisition of information about student's skill development while at the same time, minimizing the time required for gathering this information. more ...

Student Performance Levels

Performance levels (Nivel de logro) for each task of the Tejas LEE are presented to allow the teacher to easily and quickly identify student's specific needs. more ...

A Letter from the Tejas LEE Team

Dear Tejas LEE community,

As the school year continues, please be sure to take a look at the resources available to you through the Tejas LEE website. We also periodically post updates and new news for you to use as you assess students and plan instruction. We hope that you find the resources and materials useful and, as always, we welcome your input and feedback!

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