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Intervention Activities Guide Blackline Masters

This section provides blackline masters for each activity in the Intervention Activities Guide denoted with the icon, Blackline Masters Icon.

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Grouping Students for Instruction

The resources in this section are developed to assist teachers with grouping students for instruction and identifying instructional activities for identified groups. Included in this section is a document outlining suggested criteria for RtI or Tier 2 placement (identification of students in need of additional assistance), a grouping guide for beginning the process of grouping students for targeted instruction, grouping charts to assist in placing students into groups for small group instruction; and grouping mats to assist in selecting activities from the intervention activities guide to be used with small groups.
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Suggested Criteria for RtI/Tier 2 Instruction

This document provides suggested criteria using Tejas LEE data to identify students in need of additional instruction/assistance.

RtI/Tier 2 Suggested Criteria

Grouping Guide

The grouping guide (from the Intervention Activities Guide) provides users of the Tejas LEE with a valuable description of how to begin the process of grouping students for targeted instruction and provides useful examples.

Grouping Guide

Grouping Charts

Grouping charts are designed to help teachers place students into groups for instruction based on performance on the Tejas LEE.

Grouping Mats

Grouping mats are designed to help teachers identify and select appropriate instructional activities (from the Intervention Activities Guide) to be used with identified groups of students.


The resources in this section are developed to assist teachers with analyzing student spelling errors and reference the alignment between specific Tejas LEE spelling words, spelling conventions, and TEKS requirements. The resources in this section include spelling charts to use for tracking individual student spelling errors, spelling grouping mats to assist in grouping students for instruction based on spelling error patterns, spelling class summary sheets that allow for tracking of spelling errors across all students in a class, and spelling alignment documents that provide a quick reference of the alignment of the Tejas LEE spelling words and the TEKS. more ...

Spelling Charts

Spelling charts can be used to track individual student spelling errors. One chart is completed for each student.

Spelling Class Summary Sheets

Spelling class summary sheets can be used to electronically track individual student spelling errors for your entire class on one page.

Spelling Grouping Mat

The spelling grouping mat can be used to for place students into instructional groups for spelling, and identify/select appropriate instructional activities to be used with identified groups of students.

Spelling Grouping Mat

Spelling Alignment

These documents provide the alignment between the Tejas LEE spelling words, the conventions assessed, and the related Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirement.

Reading Comprehension

This document provides a quick reference sheet for teachers regarding how to calculate overall scores for reading comprehension in grades 1-3. more ...

Calculating Overall Score for Reading Comprehension

Automated Class Summary Sheets

The Automated Class Summary Sheets are Excel versions of the Tejas LEE classroom summary sheets and are available for each grade level and time point. This resource is very useful and time saving for paper-pencil version users of the Tejas LEE. These sheets allow teachers to enter Tejas LEE scores and automatically calculate D/NE/NI performance on each task, as well as overall class performance. more ...

Parent Letters

Parent letters are available for each grade level, and each letter is provided in both English and Spanish. more ...