How to Order

Due to the popularity of the Tejas LEE, vendors who seek to gain a share of the market for teaching assessment tools may offer products that have not been licensed by the Tejas LEE's owners. To be licensed, a vendor must meet the stringent requirements established to ensure that the integrity of the Tejas LEE is not compromised by unauthorized edits or changes to the assessment. Modifications to the content of the Tejas LEE can affect the reliability and validity of the performance data that is collected on each student. In turn, unreliable data may result in poor instructional decisions. The publishers and companies listed below are the only licensed vendors of the Tejas LEE assessment.

Below are the licensed vendors organized by media type, Paper/Pencil and Electronic. Your school's location and type determines which vendor supplies the Tejas LEE.

Paper and Pencil Versions

Available from Sir Speedy Houston

Sir Speedy Houston is the official licensed vendor for Tejas LEE, MPLE and MPLP materials. They are an on-demand printer, meaning that it is possible to order entire kits or only those components you need to complete existing kits already in your schools.

On-demand printing also means that pricing is on a sliding scale. As the quantity of kits or individual components ordered increases, the per unit cost decreases.

Texas public schools, follow this LINK for current pricing information on the most commonly ordered items.

Non-Texas schools/districts and Texas private schools, follow this LINK for pricing information on the most commonly ordered items. Contact the printer below directly for custom orders.

Sir Speedy Houston
13240 Hempstead Rd Suite 216
Houston, TX 77040
(713) 462-0900

Electronic Versions

(1 Vendor for Electronic Versions)All Schools Nationwide

Available from Tango Software

What You Can Order
  • Tejas LEE Kindergarten
  • Tejas LEE Grade 1
  • Tejas LEE Grade 2
  • Tejas LEE Grade 3
  • Progress Monitoring Kindergarten (MPLE)
  • Progress Monitoring Grades 1-3 (MPLP)

Assessments are administered in electronic format and available in different formats – check with each vendor for specific options. The Teacher Guide, Story Booklet, Task Cards, and Intervention Activities Guide are sold as part of the overall product.